Hi! I'm Janelle!

So happy you're here!

Most days you can find me hanging out with my tiny best friend, Scottie Rose. We love taking our pup Indy for walks while location scouting/exploring the world. I am mostly known for making a mean cocktail courtesy of my bartender past and being picky with normal food but loving the weird stuff that no one else likes. Pop open that can of sardines, throw on some tobasco and hand it over.

When I'm not busy with sessions and editing, you can find me surfing with the hubs, learning to cook one mediocre meal at a time, and forcing my infant to model for me. 

I photograph people who want authentic images of themselves and their family in that moment. Sure, I'm going to give you a few classic portraits. But, for the rest, I like to keep it as real as possible. A breeze comes and blows a small strand of hair in your face? It's staying. You're laughing so hard you get those tiny little smile lines around your eyes? I love them. I love images that looked lived in and like a real moment. I want to capture your family as you truly are and have some fun while doing it!

Still here? Let's connect. Fill in the contact form to the right, give me a call, or send a quick text. Can't wait to hear from you!

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